The life of a young dreamer

Hello there, I'm Aimee, and this is a place for prying eyes to view the world through a young dreamer's eyes.

I choose to accept myself and love myself and be comfortable with myself.

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"Third, to develop a compassionate mentality towards the self requires activation of various components of care-compassion, or what the Buddhists call loving-kindness. These include increased awareness of the harm and suffering caused by self-attacking and empathy for one’s own life situation and experiences; the ability to feel ‘warmth’ for the self; the ability to adopt a forgiving attitude to the self, the ability to tolerate and ‘make safe’ memories and experiences that may haunt and terrorise the self, and the ability to access images that are self-soothing and reassuring."

Paul Gilbert and Chris Irons, Focused Therapies and Compassionate Mind Training for Shame and Self-Attacking

Compassion; Conceptualisations, Research and Use in Psychotherapy

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"I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being."
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30 Easy Ways To Practice Self-Care


By: Ally B.

Maybe you’re participating in the 30 Days of Self Care Challenge and don’t know where to start, or maybe you’re a seasoned self-care expert looking to try something new. Either way, our list of 30 easy ways to practice self-care has a little something for everybody.


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Doing okay.

Something I’ve found is whenever I change my mind set I get sick. I feel that shows how the body and mind is connected.
I tried handing in my assignment and uploading to YouTube today but tonight was not thy night. The home computer can’t handle it.
So I’ll have to try at Uni after work tomorrow (I need petrol).
Also I am going to sign up for the gym and get my fillings and stuff between the 29th of Sep. And 5th of Oct. For those of you that care. (Probably no one really).
Something I’ve noticed is I don’t know or understand how to handle myself. I.e. I either scrutinize my body or I completely ignore it. I just want to love it . I want to love it. It’s hard. But I want to and where there’s a will they’re s a way. Maybe if I focussed on what my body is capable of doing and if I listened to what it needs…. I think … I need to be more in tune with it. And I don’t want to eat animals anymore. Animal products they’re ‘ll be lenient.
These are just rambles. Just need to get thoughts down. I better right down my list for tomorrow.
Busy busy :) but instead of looking in to the future. I’m focussing more on being present. And the sudden change means body is not coping. Idek. Right now it needs sleep so better get prepped to go for tomorrow.


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