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Amerrican Herrer Story an Aimee review

So like. The end was totally fucked. And I totally get it now.
Lana Banana was actualy cray the whole time because of her delusional want to be famous. Is that a comment on how when all we do is want and we sacrifice to get what we want that we’re all gonna be crazy? Like is her crazy a metaphor for society’s discourses.
People that don’t get horror or thriller films or shows like this would be extremely confused. You gotta look at each storyline uniquely. And piece them together to make one giant metaphor. Like how the alien abductions are impossible. Yet humans reproduction beats millions of odds and is near on impossible proving anything is possible right? And people do die and come back from the dead. And maybe angels do take your soul and you go back to him and stuff. FUCKING WTF THS HAS LEFT ME WITH SO MANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THE UNIVERSE AND LIFE AS I KNOW IT WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO MEEE! BDioahdufiofdhgsiodhSD{PGHAPGEFaduaidvf
But anyway. This season was quite slow to set off with. And along the way it really is just meh. Boring. Asylums are so overplayed. I mean let’s be serious. ‘The Ward’ is like the best asylum film ever. :3 
But as it plods along the plot thickens and it’s all just a set up. It builds and builds until the madness ends. So yeah. Keep watchin some Merrrcan HERRR StOrEh.


-Aimee xo

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More Amerrican Horror Story

It took forever for me to get in to American Horror Story Asylum. I stuck through it. And it paid off. Because the ending episodes so far. Have been Fantastic. Just Saying.

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